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Balkan Dairy Food Policy;

To produce all of our products which are fit for our clients of all kind, in line with the national standards and regulations with the cooperation with our enterprise’s suppliers from a “quality product and service can only be provided with the help of quality in put” approach. To handle and manage all steps of the production process from raw material to the shelves in conformity with the Food Safety Management System, to provide healthy and safe products that would not have any adverse effects on consumers. To protect nature and be a nature friendly enterprise by keeping our work place and environment clean all the time.


We warrant that we will act responsibly and be efficient in ensuring satisfaction with our products, which are produced, stored and shipped under quality and hygienic circumstances in conformity with the technical standards in Quality Management System and Food Safety System as well as the European standards. Ensuring assessment of efficiency and continuous amelioration studies in terms of Food Safety Management System and Quality Management System with review meetings and internal examinations. Exercising Food Guarantee at one time and in the rightest way parallel to our business targets. To procure all requisite sources enabling continuous amelioration of Food Security System and Quality Management System efficiency and compliance with the determined requirements.