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Balkan Semi-Skipped Milk,
the Same Old Flavor in a Brand New Packaging!

Balkan Natural Cream Top Yogurt
Made from the Most Natural Milk...

Sütün En Doğalından,

Balkan'dan Doğal Kaymaklı Yoğurt...

Good product, good service;
our essential values…

As a boutique establishment, what we know and want for everyone is to have access to healthy, safe, delicious and natural milk.

Through this awareness and desire, we process milk in its most natural form by combining technology and service. As Balkan Süt Ürünleri, we bring to your table the healthiest and most hygienic milk and diary products.


With the aid of advanced machinery technology and automation, we can monitor every stage of production, which allows us to bring physically, chemically and microbiologically pure and safe foods retaining their nutritional values to your table.


A healthy diet is one of the most important rules to a healthy life. And milk and diary products are the corner stone of healthy diet. We bring to you completely natural and healthy milk and diary products thanks to the laboratory controls and tests we conduct at every stage of production.


Always choosing safe ,natural, additive-free raw
materials, our control mechanism help us offer
you the healthiest milk and diary products.


Milk and diary products are the staple delicacy
of every cuisine. As Balkan Süt, we avoid any kind of flavoring and stabilizer agents to preserve the taste that you have always known and cherished.

Our Products

"Balkan Çiftlik",
the newest brand of Balkan.

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