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A manufacturer of milk and dairy products, BALKAN SÜT ÜRÜNLERİ is among the leading companies of its sector thanks to its top-quality raw material supply, hygienic facilities and its human health oriented vision. It is a leading expert in its field. Balkan Süt broke into the market in 1991, and in the first years following its foundation, it only produced yogurt.

Since 2005, it has been producing yogurt, ayran, strained yogurt, fruit yogurt, casseri cheese, feta cheese (cultured and classic), tulum cheese, fresh cheese, braided cheese, cream cheese, curd cheese, butter, UHT milk and clotted cream in an indoor area of 10,000 m² established within a field of 15,000 m².


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Our products are packaged in hygienic packaging of various basis weights in compliance with all legal procedures before putting on the market.

Always paying attention to the customer demands, Balkan Süt aims to provide its customers with products that are completely safe for human health from raw materials down to the shelf, and makes highest customer satisfaction its top priority.

An integrated system based on the key principles of Quality Management System TS EN ISO 9001 and Food Safety Management System TS EN ISO 22000 Standards to ensure food safety.

Management Systems Policy

Producing high-quality and healthy milk and diary products, and achieving the highest level customer satisfaction in line with management systems, legal rules and code of ethics.

Closely following and constantly keeping up with all technological developments in the dairy products sector in compliance with the standards to achieve the highest level of food safety.

Producing all our products that are aimed at all consumer groups in accordance with the national standards and regulations in collaboration with suitable suppliers.

Assisting our suppliers in improving their quality with the mentality that high-quality product and service can only be achieved through high-quality input.

Always paying attention to the customer demands and providing customers with products that are completely safe for human health from raw materials down to the shelf.

Keeping our employees well-informed and raising their awareness through educational and communicational channels.

Achieving optimum efficiency and profitability.

Preserving nature and being eco-friendly by always keeping our workplace and environment clean. Making efforts towards reducing and recycling wastes.

Ensuring a safe environment for both our employees and guests by taking precautionary measures and eliminating all potential hazards in all processes.

Encouraging the employment of process approach and risk-oriented thinking.